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Research Visas

Research Visas are given to Research Professors or Scholars and participants attending research Conferences/Seminars/Workshops. Applicants are requested to apply at least six weeks before their date of departure to India and visas will be valid for entry into India four weeks after issue. Validity of the visa would be as per the research period. 
Spouse and dependent family members accompanying the applicant must apply for an Entry visa (NOT Tourist visa), co-terminus with the period of the principal visa holder.
Requirements for Research Visa:
  1. The applicant should apply with the subject of their research project, details of places to be visited, previous visits, whether the scholar has secured admission into a recognized or reputed institution and evidence of financial resources.
  2. Admission Letter: Original letter of admission is requiring at the time of submission of application. Emails or photocopies of admission letters will not be accepted.
  3. Research Performa: A Performa (seven copies) is also to be filled in and submitted along with the visa application. To download the research Performa click here
  4. In case of Professors/Scholars: applicant should have an invitation from a central education institution or publicly funded State University.
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